Don't You Just Love It?

February 22, 2010
Don't you just love...
laughing till your sides ache,
Taylor Swift songs,
and sunshine?

Puppies and kitties,
a giant game of kickball,
a heart warming song,
and the sound and smell of rain?

The color pink,
and the ocean?

a good movie,
and a warm smile?

Season Finales,
Super fast computers,
good hair days,
and cat naps?

Riding your bike,
being with friends,
joking with your sister
and jumping on a trampoline?

Praise songs,
tire swings,
the smell of freshly cut grass,
and bonfires?

Running with the wind,
Horse back riding,
and 11:11 make a wish?

Cute texts,
getting mail,
opening a present,
and giving a gift?

Really soft chairs,
a cute shirt
100% test
and cool teachers?

Fresh baked cookies,
a good book,
finding something amazing in your fridge,
and chocolate cake?

Don't you just love your favorite song playing on the radio?
.......eating oreos?

Baking cookies and accidentally using too much flour?
Waking up and realizing you still have an extra hour?

The feeling you get when you actually understand math?
A jacuzzi filled with bubbles for a hot bubble bath?

We've been blessed with lots to love

....Don't you just love life???

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