The Truth Seen

February 22, 2010
By BriannaGiggles BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
BriannaGiggles BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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"Every guy is the same until proven different"
By: Brianna Lockett

If i was to sale you a product it would be my dignity, If i was to give you advice i'd say hopefully you'll soon understand that you have to pay the price of sacrifice to succeed, If i was to share my experience of were i've been i wouldn't complain, If i was to only process the information i've been giving it would state that we are losing more than a gain there is a promise made but hasn't yet been seen through there is poverty but no money given there is a place called dungeon that's the life were living everbody taking but no one giving a harsh reality the painful truth obstacles, hardships. Education no longer has meaning not a single soul dreaming of a future to maintain every guy on the corner is representing some kind of gang they monopolize there chances of a bright future balances are drugs and money then later on trying to split there game to some hunny isn't it funny that we have leaders but they won't speak up, we have future presidents that won't stand up, What is the title that should be given to a place were everybody is just a statistic?

The author's comments:
My inspiration to write this piece was the fact that it can't only be my eyes that see the situations were struggling to make it through.

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