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February 22, 2010
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You fogged the blue glass with
hot air and clandestine gasses
to draw your fingers through the icy cold surface,
making shapes known
solitarily to yourself;

but there the clear parts stand out
to reveal backgrounds that
forms but a sentence
so astonishing, confusing…
“we can see you…the real you…”

...i guess i didn't hide myself well enough

Shivers sprint through the meadows,
a green ripple in a blue, calm day,
with pure white clouds radiating
the sun’s brilliant, unknowing smile that
embodies almost all the other
natural nations’ thoughts

but the wide spaced trees look on,
tears falling with their leaves,
silent in bitterness as
those puny creatures that
look like they’re
part of the world
sit in cool containers while

the rest soak up the heat.
Taking in more than they need,
billowing out smoke for
the rest of the planet;
are they really enjoying themselves?

I thought this was a cool breeze on a picture perfect day

She smiles that pretty smile,
looks through those long lashes;
Green eyes caged behind
those long mascara strokes
so no one sees behind its
make-shift curtains

Probing into those eyes though,
you see
some frozen liquid;
blood red and laced with blue,
it calls out whenever it
chances on another face;
hears another voice.

But the body simply hushes it,
closing eyelids before it can
hiding forevermore that girl with
the green eyes
behind a mask of skin and
forced muscle contractions

the body can lie if it tries hard enough

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