i never thought, id never see you again

February 22, 2010
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sunday feburary 25th 2007,it was a sunny day just like another other day,scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast with hot coffee on the way.some good conversations and disscussing the days events then off to the rinks for some good time well spent. chili cheese fries falling all in your lap,as you smile at me intently and then start to clap. if i knew this was the last day wed spend together i would have never let you go as you hugged me tight and said daddys girl is quite alright.i begged my heart out for new skates unaware of the havoc i was about to create. the car ride back was full of anger and rage i wish i could have cut out that chapter or flipped the page. as we walked in the door everything appeared elevated worns were thrown and tempers inflated. so much weight for your heart to bear as you took your first step and tumbled down the stairs. there you lay in a pool of blood the horror in my eyes as i relive that huge thud. and just like that it was over. a young promising life cut so short, now the memories keep me alive.

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