Daddy Daddy

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Daddy Daddy cant you see?
What your actoins have done to me?
Cant you tell that it is you
as the reason my life is hell?

Daddy Daddy can I ask you this?
Was it worth it? Your lust, your bliss?
Why did you not care about me?
Cant you see?

Daddy Daddy please this is your last chance.
Ive heard your song
Ive seen your dance.

Show me you love me
Show me you care
Show me your intentions for our family
The world is a cold place. Dont leave me alone out there.

Your lies I know all about
I know you were an unfaithful spouse
I know all about your other children
That you killed before they had the chance of life.

Daddy Daddy I detest you
You dont see
Who I am
You dont know the real me.

Daddy Daddy do you know?
About my nightly crimson show?
Do you think
Its really Kool-Aid that staind the sink?

Daddy Daddy im ready to fight
I have been all my life.
Another show is all
I want to watch you and your pride fall.

Daddy Daddy
I have one thing for you to hear
I dont love you
You'll be dead to me within the year.

The author's comments:
This piece's inspiration is my life. The feelings and actions are exagerated and not completely true.

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