Blue Flower

February 21, 2010
By AnnaM BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
AnnaM BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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A beautiful blue flower falling,
falls on a window covered with rain.
Its petals shattered, its figure appalling.
The bright yellow center slipping down the drain.

The petals slowly start to drift
apart from one another, leaving a
streak of rainwater. The swift
wind carries some of them away.

Little water droplets fall into each other.
The big ones collide with the little ones and
together, they fall into another
droplet. On a petal, they land.

By now the petals are gone,
scattered across the edge
of the window. The lawn,
the bench, the steps, the ledge.

The author's comments:
There really wasn't anything that really inspired me to write this poem. I always like the flowers in books and magazines that had this really big blue carnation that was dripping with dew. One day, I imagined one of these flowers falling somewhere and changing shape. I wanted it to be a song at first, but then it was a lot better as a poem. Through this poem, I just want people to feel happy.

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