Fact: Striving for Something Requires Pain

February 21, 2010
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this pain is never ending
like an undying love
like an undying hate
it's unbending
even when I shove
it will not break

I do my best
try my hardest
to no avail
I should feel blessed
but I feel scarred
I must prevail

we push and pull
with no winner
no loser
it's a bunch of bull
my patience is getting thinner
but I will not be the accuser

I have to be stronger
I must I must
I can't be defeated
but I can't do this much longer
I'm in disgust
because I have retreated

back to being safe in a prison
with the bland
and the boring
a recognition has risen
I know I must understand
that my nerves may be roaring

my gut may be screaming
but I can't give in
I won't withdraw
the tears are streaming
but I won't let you win
this is the last straw

with one final heave
you tumble off the cliff
and I am tossed into the frontier
finally you leave
and with a final sniff
I shed not another tear

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