Your Words

February 20, 2010
By ♥darkangelslove♥ BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
♥darkangelslove♥ BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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How can you break my heart and then tell me you still love me?

your words
they cut so deep
digging me into apathy
I hold on tight
for i fear
my time thats left
will be interfered
but you don't care
you just stop and stare
now that the apathy's consumed me
i'm starting to lose it
so now i let go
there's no point in holding on
as you know it
i'm already gone
so now i wont scream
i wont try
i wont cry
for i'm already broken
too broken to fix this damage inside
and though i feel nothing
i know im not alone
for your heart is pure ice
a rock solid bone

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