Saying Goodbye

February 18, 2010
If tonight I die,
Who will miss me?
Will you stand and cry?
To my heart you hold a key-
One of many,
One of few.
Too old to be a child,
Too young to die.
To you my heart is tied.
Don't you change,
But don't be cruel.
When in love
Break every rule.
All your heart
You must give-
For you'll never know
How long you'll live.
Wild and free,
Then cold and still.
Grassy meadows
To stone strewn hills.
Changes in life
Come so quick,
Causing strife
And causing joys.
Love fast
And hate slow.
Give your all
Before you go.
So if you lose
That special someone,
Don't say "Why?"
Throw all your
Heart into saying,
"We'll miss you-

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