This to Shall Pass

February 18, 2010
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Fake smiles can't hide my fears
Memories cant clock the tears
I'll hold your hand, while they pretend and say
My little brother will one day play
I'll pace and pray
Though its you who will pay
A sisters guild to bare
Though you never should have been there
They try to consol with threads of wisdom
Their words trapping me in my own secret prison
So I'll hold your hand while they force themselves to say
My baby brother will never again play
The pain of the world will stay with me
Only you will be able to see
From heaven above
I'll feel your love
Cause I ran that red light
On the darkest night
Forgive me i beg
I shouldnt have drank from that keg
Tonight an angel will fly
Though you will always be our favorite "Little Guy"
This pain is too much
I think I'm losing touch
This hit of meth
Will steal my last breath
Now two angels will fly
There will be no more guilt when im with Dad's "Little Spy"
We will hug and we may cry
Never again will we say goodbye
We can watch for a while
While mom turns the radio dial
Tears will fall
When she gets that call
It will break her heart
She thought i was smart
Though soon there will be no more tears to cry
Soon four angels shall fly
Through the heavens forever
To seporate never
For this to shall pass
Cause those cars did clash

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