I'm Sorry

February 21, 2010
I duck, I dodge, I dip, and drop
At the mercy of the whimsical wind.
Doomed to be a runaway
Tethered by my sins.

The only thing that’s holding me
Is a thread of shattered glass.
Covered in the bright red blood
Of the lies that hold me fast.

Each string I cut, fragile as mine
Is a sacrifice for myself
Unless I cut them, they’ll cut me
And destroy the redemption I felt

Finally, my moment comes
To solidify my caste:
Being held, still, to the ground
By that string of shattered glass

I duck, I dodge, but dip and drop
My thread severed, cut in half
I drift away with forgiveness in tow
I cannot give it back

This realization that I’m on my own
Is a shock unto itself
Until a glimmer of the crimson glass
Reminds me of my guilt

Never can I help redeem
The boy who held on so long
Who’s blood now stains the thread that remains
Who’s kite now floats alone

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