The Dream

February 4, 2010
By JakobWolf GOLD, Solsberry, Indiana
JakobWolf GOLD, Solsberry, Indiana
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One dark night in a far away land,
A mouse so young it could hardly stand,
Journeyed around without parent consult,
And ended up dead with a terrible result.
For the mouse had wondered to a forest so dark,
No trees could be seen, not even some bark.
The creature was scared, so frightened of course,
He screamed with the might of a fearsome force.
His scream was heard by a monster of the night,
And soon without warning he was dead with fright.
For a large hungry owl had landed on him,
Its beak wide open and ready to dig in.
“Please,” begged the mouse, “Please let me go free.”
“HA!” said the owl, “I won’t hear you plea.”
“Please,” cried the mouse, "I'm all my parents have left. So if you kill me you’d be doing a horrible theft.”
“I do not care,” screeched the terrible owl, “Now I’ll finish you quick so you won’t have to howl.”
The mouse cried in pain as the beak bit his head,
And He soon sat up screaming, sweat drenching his bed.

The author's comments:
This is about a young mouse who has a dream about him wondering into a forest and getting almost eaten by a large owl.
What inspired this was the Redwall books by Brian Jacques .

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