Dear Heart

February 3, 2010
Dear Heart I'm so sorry
For putting you through all this
I'm sorry that this is torturing you and me
Don't cry it's okay there's nothing to miss
I know you're hurting but we'll be okay
I have faith in you and it'll get better day by day
Just promise me you won't go after him
Just stay here and heal quietly it'll take time
I know it hurts right now like being pulled limb from limb
It's okay because I know you and you're mine
I know you miss him because I miss him too
But it's not good for you or me or him for all of us
I know you'll make it through. That's what I promise you
Just hold onto me and let me know when it's too much
I love you heart. Don't give up now. We'll make it
I know we can. This letter's for you to feel better
I know we can't regret everything. We can't forget
But somehow we'll be okay. We'll be together
Even if now seems like everything went all wrong
It's okay. Even though it seemed like he didn't confess
I'll stick by you and you by me. We'll stay strong
I know this is my fault it's not yours. We'll get out of this mess
I'm sorry for putting you through all this pain and suffering
I'll try not to turn look him in the eye for your sake heart
I know it hurts because I keep remembering
But for your sake I won't because it'll tear you apart

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