February 18, 2010
So first things first.
Boy you make my heart hurt.
Why are you still falling for her?
When you know you deserve better.
Even when she let’s you down
I’ll always be there for a shoulder to cry on for now..
I know your favorite song
that you listen to when some thing has gone wrong.
Believe me, I’ve seen all your problems,
And this one isn’t new.
Take a deep breath.
Shake of this drama.
Because it’s not your fault. It wasn’t all you.
Why are you still falling for her?
When you know you deserve better.
You know that I’d never push you face down
I wish you could just see yourself now.
You say she hasn’t hurt you
You say she is perfect for you.
You say that it’s nothing new.
And you say you love her but hate her, too.
That makes no sense for me or her.
Can’t you see she’s causing this pain
She is the one who is on your mind
When you let those tears roll down your cheeks.
And I don’t understand how you say you can’t find
Anyone else cuz she’s taking control of your mind.
i just wish that you could say
that if you feel the same way
that I do, but I’m scared to face my fears.
As pathetic as that sounds.
And if worse comes to worse
You’ll see the tears.
But see, it’s my turn to spill my secrets.
And its your turn to be there for me.
And when you never came, I knew then and there
It wasn’t meant to be
And it just wasn’t fair.
Do you know my favorite song when something’s gone wrong?
Cuz your never there for me any more.
And I always thought there was more.
And no this isn’t then end
Don’t worry we’ll hopefully still be friends.
But there is so much more I’d like to write
But it’s just sometimes thse little things I like.
And there is so much more…
To me.
To you.
To us…

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