The Dreamer

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

'm bit of a dreamer, I suffer inside
I'm out in the open , But I have many things to hide

I dream of far off places, often I lose my sight
I'm optimistic about my future ,but what if I die tonight?

I think my mind is a playground and my heart, a child
She went away, Never turned , Never smiled.

I learned to light a matchstick, But now it never ignites
It seems to have lost its fire, In midst of those fights.

But I never seem to learn from my heart
That a child should never play after the dark

I guess I have dreamt too much , I'll never get all that
It was not a chair for me , But it is where I sat.

The author's comments:
When the hands reach out for things , Which can never fit in.

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