February 18, 2010
Tell me something I would just love to know.
Do you still love her? Cuz hun those pathetic feelings show.
Should’ve known better cuz you seem to always put her first.
I tried to cry myself to sleep cuz it was supposed to hurt.
You blew up in my face when I asked if you actually care.
I don’t feel those feelings anymore that we used to share.
Think a little think a lot.
I put my love on hold for you.
I gave it all I got.
You don’t know how stupid I feel
Because of your lack of logic
I’ve been dropping hints all this time
And you still haven’t got it.
I love how we used to have so much fun when we had chances to hang out.
But sometimes when I’m silent and at lost for words you ask me what its about.
That’s something that you just wouldn’t get
Other times I’d be willing to tell you, but boy sometimes I’d wish you’d just forget
I tend to hand my trust to people with out knowing what’ll happen.
Just like when I handed my love to you, went so quick you don’t even know what happened.
Time goes by as the memories move in the wind
I love you so much some may call it a sin.
Oh and by the way I could never fall a sleep at night.
Because you’re comforting face just played on repeat in my mind all night.
But now, i don’t know what’s happened, if you’ve lost your trust in me
But now I don’t think that this forbidden love was ever meant to be
I know I can be hypocritical at times.
But when I said that I loved you. I meant it every time.
And when I handed you my heart I said that I’d be fine.
But inside I was dying saying please don’t break this heart of mine..
But times have changed, everyone’s moved on.
But we still have that type of thing that is always off and on.
You broke my heart and I counted on you
So much for trust. But it’s cool. It’s through.
But see, it’s too late.
Because boy, this was true fate.

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grapevynefires said...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 2:57 pm
Very pretty and cute, just like you! It's a really good start girly keep going :)
lzfx11 replied...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 3:02 pm
thank you, love :]
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