The Best Getaway

February 18, 2010
By stopper19 SILVER, Gap, Pennsylvania
stopper19 SILVER, Gap, Pennsylvania
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As we get in the car butterflies zoom through my stomach
We have finally reached the hotel and we are unpacking our stuff
The sun is shining a brilliant glow on the beach
And the people to seem to be shining as well
The sand burns my feet as we head down to the ocean
With my towel in hand and family by my side I am ready for a great day
I can already hear the sound of the waves crashing against the sand and the sound of children laughing
There are a lot of people here just taking some time off from their busy life
I immediately drop my stuff and run for the waves
At first the chill stings my skin but I am more than ready
I run in waist deep and I already feel at home
I dive under the huge waves and I can feel the seashells under my feet
The sky above me is filled with planes flying by with advertisements and seagulls hoping to find a little food
I then decided to walk up the beach and lay on my towel
I am immediately warmed by the sun overhead and there are little pieces of sand clinging to my body
I can already feel my tan
Then we take a dive to the ground when we start a game of beach volleyball
Everyone is so friendly when they come to play
We have one last walk on the beach and then head in for the day
Finally, we head indoors and get changed for dinner
We walk the busy streets to our favorite restaurant

The author's comments:
This is an ode about my experiences at Ocean City Maryland. The beach is my absolute favorite place to visit in the summer!

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