Ode to Spanky

February 18, 2010
By ChicaHUHH?! SILVER, Frazer, Pennsylvania
ChicaHUHH?! SILVER, Frazer, Pennsylvania
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Ode to Spanky

Sized to be a small dog,
Dreams to bark,
He is an unhappy cat.

Such an ear-piercing meow,
Loud and obnoxious,
He asks to be hit with a bat.

Speeds into a small jog,
Lingering through the woods,
He catches a treat, vicious at that.

His fur has been grey up until now,
Grey like a stormy sky,
He is slowly dulling into white.

Doesn’t share food like a hog,
Pushes Lucky out of the way,
He’s greedy, yes quite.

Spanky is my Russian Blue,
Although he can be a nuisance,
I love my cat, it’s true.

The author's comments:
My cat Spanky is awesome! I love my hardcore kitty so much. He can be annoying, but without him I'd wouldn't be as happy as I am now. I love the responsiblities I have to take care of him like feeding him and playing with him and keeping him out of trouble.

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