February 17, 2010
By spazzkid SILVER, Laval, Other
spazzkid SILVER, Laval, Other
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Shivers running down my spine,
Looking around and seeing know one,
Hearing babies laugh and cry,
It only happens when there’s no sun,

And no one around,
To protect me from what I hear,
Is it that I’m going crazy?
Or is it just a fear?

A phobia of what’s not there,
Does this only happen to me,
Am I cursed?
Can someone else see?

What I see?
Is it just my mind?
Or is it my whole body?
Will I ever find?

What is doing this to me?
Can it be?
It’s only me
That will see

And hear all these fearful things around me
Can it be?
This is how it will be forever
But why, why me?

A fear of being all alone in the dark
Is it always going to be this way?
Can you tell me why?
Can anyone ever say?

Will I ever change?
Will I grow out of my fear?
Or will it stay
Will my fear always make me shed a tear?

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