February 17, 2010
By bailey4 GOLD, Rayville, Missouri
bailey4 GOLD, Rayville, Missouri
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You think you know what beauty is
Beauty is not just looks
Beauty is not only a picture that is marvelously drawn
Beauty is not just what you think of others
Beauty is more
Beauty is a way to say I love you
A way to say you care
It’s life
It’s more than what we say
It’s a bucket of water on a hot summer day
It’s more than picture perfect
It’s imperfection
It’s the most noticeable flaw
It’s not just your best feature
It’s a horrible picture
People say a picture’s worth a thousand words
But most people think it means different words
It could be the same thing
Unless you use beautiful
Beautiful means what you think of it what I think of it
Beautiful to me is many things
Beautiful means…I’m with you

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