Your storm in my heart

February 17, 2010
As the dreaded rain falls
on my cold cold window
i try to sit hear and imagine
a nice green medow

Pitter patter
is all i hear
on my high rooftop
i sit hear and wonder
when will it stop?

Splish splash
is all i feel
on my now cold face
on this space on my porch
nothing is dry

Dark and gloomy
is all i see
with thunder booming
so deep and low
it is consuming

Wish woosh
the howling wind grows
through my wet hair
fast and scary
i just hope the wind soon goes

Crack flash
the lightnng above
like a star shines bright
flicker flash
makes me shiver from fright

As i sit and sit
in my soaken cloaths
and think and think
in my soaken chair
and worry and worry about
the heart that has been broken

But some day
some long day away
i wont see the lightning
that blinds my emotions
i wont feel the little rain drops
that streeked my face
i wont feel the the wind
through my soaked hair
i wont hear the thunder
that blocked all the words you said

i will be free
free of my emotions
free of past free of you

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