Words Unleashed

February 17, 2010
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I dream of a day not long from now,
When I sit under a shaded bough,
And you walk up to me and ask "Why
Do you act so unsatisfied?!"
And in reply I stand up to you and say
"Unsatisfied?! For how may
She and I be satisfied
when we and our culture remain un-ratified?!
How may she and I
Live our lives in lack of completion
In the shadows of that which you do not recognize
Living our lives
in a way you Despise.
Bathing in your hate
Even as identity is predetermined by fate
This cruel fate designating our every action
Even while leaving us a mere fraction,
A tiny sliver of joy
Which is soon to become your toy
As your hate blooms and spreads in haste
Making our love a waste
In the eyes...
Of YOUR lies.
In the lies of your people who condemn us to die...
And for why?
Because we act as we are and refuse to back down
Even as your hate and your lies continue to pound
at the doors of OUR closets.
Closets composed of walls erected in despise,
Closed around our beings - from birth - to disguise
That which you don't wish to see
That which you hope upon hope will be hid and not be...
But we can no longer bear to be confined by the walls of this societally-constructed constricting prison of lies and hate
Misinterpretation that refuses to abate.

So as once we would hide
Now we've found pride!
Pride at the WHO so long masked by the What
Pride that breaks through every closet door that was Shut
Upon the innocent girls and boys of the world
Who exist just a little bit differently than the standards your society has obligatorily hurled.
In the direction of us few,
Who keep to what is true
And live our lives searching... Always searching for WHO
rather than What we are
Searching to find the all-encompassing We of a culture of love
That embraces the beings of those from below and above,
Thrown out by their "families" and their warped moral codes
For portraying their truthful selves and shedding their burdensome loads
Cast upon them by masks of that which your society praises above all,
That which your society would call...

A horrible word that restricts and confines
The thoughts of young minds
And remains unbending to the will,
Of those whom they hunt to hurt and kill.
And yet here we are.... Alive,
Ready to fight to Survive.
Just as we've done for generations upon generations of time,
Time where whether we had nickel or dime
Made no difference to the shunning of you mongers of hate
Hate that refuses to dissipate
Even as we fight for our rights and our lives
Determined to succeed where those before us have tried
Fighting for freedom promised without delivery
As your people refuse us our liberty
But I long for the days when those people who are categorized as yours or mine....
Will just be found to be people - not designated by any such sign
Which indicates the What rather than Who of that which you and I are,
Not separated by distances be they near or far,
But rather united as all life was meant to be,
Life... Which was meant to be free....."
And after all that you stand there looking at me,
And just like that we start rebuilding the world to be one in which all of us can live and Be,
United as we were meant to... Happy and Free.

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