Transparent Reality

February 16, 2010
By BijanShou BRONZE, Westminster, California
BijanShou BRONZE, Westminster, California
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"Are the things we see as real as they seem?"
And the worlds we dream, where we really should be?...

As nights so dark, great dimness of light
Can our world ever change if tonight is the night?
That such sweet sounds fade like the running parade
Away from the crowd now silence is played.
The songs just keep flowing for no one to hear
Our sense are failing and our minds won't adhere
To these bitter changes,
Nothing ever will steer
Me away like the strangeness,
Of how things aren't clear
Cause "Nothing" makes sense, but who gives a care
Just pay heaven's rents, and happiness they'll share
But while I am here I know what's my best
Because I am blest,
Because sound is near,
Because world without joy isn't meant for my ears.
Though happiness does not exist without sorrow
I'll try with my life for my better tomorrow.

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