Water Lily Pond

February 16, 2010
By Noelle Ihde BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Noelle Ihde BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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A weeping willow with beauty so marvelous
And natural that is seems so surreal and almost unnatural.
I see a bridge that is blue, it arches above a Water Lily Pond,
Where it leads, no one really knows.
The one thing that comes to mind is heaven,
The bridge is a symbol that only you choose to go:
One way to heaven or the other way to hell.
When I see this picture I think of a tranquil universe
That I want to escape to from a traumatic or horrible day,
Such as finding out that someone you loved
Or cared about deeply isn't going to live to see another day.
The flowers and trees are so alive with activity,
Swaying in the wind and so are the birds, bees, and fish
That are swimming, collecting, and fluttering around,
Hidden in the scene.
The minds of the hidden animals are care free
With no senseless harm or endangerment.
Frogs are rib-biting away hopping on to lily pads
From the hidden flowers that are their camouflage.
A great variety of intense colors of flowers
And so are the people you live among in the ever populating world.
I feel as if I want to enter this utopia,
But it almost seems to good to be true.
I can taste the scrumptious summer air
With the flowers dancing everywhere
As if there is music playing for them,
But to be sincerely honest the birds that are hiding
Are singing beautifully in a chorus.
The smell in the air comes from the different fragrance of flowers
That the anonymous bees pollinate.
The trees that are present contribute to the freshness
And cleanliness of the beautiful air I feel that I can breathe.
Whether the sun is rising or setting
It doesn't make a difference to beautiful the sky truly is.
Blue, Pink, and purple are all magnificent colors alone,
But together they combine a more complex beauty
That gives you a loss of words to describe what you see.
No matter what season or colors there are,
Does not make a difference to the beauty that will always be there.
Just remember that if you had a bad day,
Just think of this picture and it will brighten your day.

The author's comments:
My English teacher assigned this poem and I wrote it abou tto loved one that were killed in a tragic car accident on Thanksgiving.

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