I Cried for You

February 16, 2010
By Anonymous

I Cried for You

I cried for you
As the sun set
I cried for you
As day faded into night
And the thoughts that swirled around in my head
Like angry killer bees
Waited to be silenced by the sleeping meds

I remember how you use to laugh
How you use to smile
I remember you as a radiant, joyful child
You use to see such beauty in the world
Now almost all your thoughts are paranoid
You used to have fun
Now it seems like all the happiness has just fallen
Into a deep, empty dark hole
Never to be seen again

I remember how you use to sleep
With a calmness
That seemed so peaceful and serene
Now all you do is weep
And you don’t know why...

I remember when nothing could break you down
And you used to walk with confidence and spunk
Like you were a princess and had a crown

Damn you were strong
Maybe not outside, but inside...
It was like nothing could touch you....
Now all of that is long gone

I cried for you
I cried and cried
And I asked myself why
Why do you cry?
I asked the darkness
What happened to all the happiness
You felt??

I remember how you were so happy
Now you’re just a memory
Of the former me

The author's comments:
this is about how I felt at a time...I wrote it based on not an experience, but as a person that I once knew myself as....because it truly is like the two people in the poem are completely different, and yet still the same person

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