February 16, 2010
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This poem is for my hero,who shall never be known as a zero!I havent seen you in five years, why is that? oh wait I forgot your in combat.You call me from Iraq.Oh boy i would do anything to have you back.Hey i got an idea why dont you go and pack.You will come home in June when the flower's bloom.Awh you will leave so sooon and i will be very gloom.You called me and told me how you got so tall and I try so hard not to fall.When I say goodbye I try so very hard not cry,but dont worry soon my tears will dry.Whoa how time flys.Please remember your promise to be careful,for a world without you is lame. But, honestly who is to blame, when your the one who chose to go to Iraq.Oh brother please hurry back but,sadly you cant.Your name is engraved in my heart.Oh i hate it when we are apart the best way to explain it is like a bullet going straight throuh my hart and that stinks like a fart.Without you I feel alla lone in the dark.Hey I got an idea why dont we go to the park. Well hey bro I got to go but, soon we shall know how much we both have grown.Well you go and save the world and be my hero.I am so proud of you for you are a marine.

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