~*The Long Lost Brother*~

February 16, 2010
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*~The Long Lost Brother*~
A ll the great memories are coming back
B ecause it’s two years since you’ve passed
C ame way too soon for everyone to believe
D reading funeral services and seeing everyone grieve
E very memory of us is fresh in my mind
F or no one wants to move on without you in our lives
G reat times of just hangin’ out
H igh expectations you’re coming back
I mpossible is that
J us knowing we had been playing together since we were kids
K nowing we will meet again one day
L etting you go is the hardest part
M y thoughts of seeing you again heals my heart
N ever thought this could be true
O h yes it is but know that we will always love you
P eace starts to settle over as we start to accept it
Q uiet thoughts of you in my mind hurt
R estarting my life with you in the dirt
S o long to my dearest friend
T o you I will meet again
U rgent to see you just once more
V ictory will be here when it comes true
W e will end this by saying WE LOVE YOU

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