A Special Lady

February 16, 2010
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A lady left by herself
Because he thought only of himself
Could he be anymore selfish
Does he realize he left her helpless
Everyday is a struggle
Five kids to keep out of trouble
Going to work from day to day
Having barely enough for the bills to pay
In a slump with five kids and nowhere to stay
Just back to moms, so far away
Kids growing up in many ways
Laying down the path, knowing they’ll never stray
Memories of a horrible past hunt her dreams
Nobody to turn to or at least it seems
Only with her boys can she truly smile
Pushing out the past to make life worth while
Quick to drop all the pain
Realizing she still has much to gain
Several years pass and everything has changed
The struggle is finally out of range
Under her watch, from boys to men
Very good mother who will be loved until the end
With a horrible past finally gone, and never coming back
X-ray your heart to show your love is still in tact
You’re my mom and you’ve always known what to do
Zero tolerance for anyone who messes with you

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