An Eye for an Eye (Start the Game Out Right)

February 10, 2010
By Only_Human BRONZE, Hood River, Oregon
Only_Human BRONZE, Hood River, Oregon
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You got me doing Kart-wheels, Front-bridges, Backflips.
You have me trapped between the feelings of happiness and guilt trips.

You don't want the tender loving care of another bad boy.
Its like playing with the missing heart of a rag doll, a shad toy.

But I got to be honest, This is a new side that I'm not used to.
Now maybe You'll be the one that's asking me the question, "Who's who?"

Instead of me always looking at the girl who has two faces.
Its like im three years old again, not knowing how to run the bases.

No wonder I always lose the game, I never learned to play.
But now you know, at least im trying, I took my turn today.

Well, we can start the game, take the swing, once we put in the tee.
And I'll wait for you forever, if You'll just put up with me.

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