The Second Lorax

February 10, 2010
By AshleighR BRONZE, Powell, Ohio
AshleighR BRONZE, Powell, Ohio
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So I took that seed,
And I planted it there.
I must let it have water.
I must give it clean air.

And then, I declared:
My tree must start small.
But it will grow and will grow.
It will soon grow quite tall.

My Truffula needs
Among other things:
Clean air and clean water,
It needs no smoke rings.

And then a day came,
My tree started to grow.
It peeked out of the ground,
But it started off slow.

But with each day that passed,
My tree grew a little bit more.
It grew little leaves,
It grew past my front door.

It turned to a shade
Of oh-so perfect pink
It grew and it grew
And it just made me think:
This tree is so tall,
And it has its own fruit
So I thought of the Bar-ba-loots
In their bar-ba-loot suits

And I thought to myself:
Wouldn’t it be nice?
If the bar-ba-loots would come back
Just once would suffice.

So I took the Truffula fruit
And I picked out the seed
I held it in my hand
And thought, “What do I need?”
To make millions and millions and millions more trees.

I looked at the past.
I saw their mistakes.
So I thinked to myself…
There used to be lakes.

There used to be lakes.
And there used to be air.
There used to be water.
There was plenty to spare.

So I sought out to find
Things to fix this big mess.
And I thought of the Lorax,
And his last word, UNLESS.

Unless I planted more trees,
Unless I gave them great care,
No one would come back.
The area would be bare.

So I took the new seed.
And I planted it there.
I gave it clean water.
I fed it fresh air.

And it grew and it grew.
It grew quite a bit.
It kept growing and growing.
It never did quit
And one day, it gave me
Another Truffula tree!
That produced me more seeds
To an enormous degree.

So I planted the seeds
And the cycle went on.
The Bar-ba-loots appeared
The next day at dawn.

They had their new food.
So they came back to this place.
And more friends came back.
At a slow, steady pace.

Back came the Swomee-swans.
And the humming-fish too!
The Grickle-grass turned green.
And the sky back to blue!

So the story ends here,
In a most wonderful spot.
It tells what I did,
With the one seed that I caught.

And you can do it too,
Save a place from distress.
If you just remember the Lorax’s last word:

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