You're Sore, Losing Hope, and Lost

February 10, 2010
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some sympathize, others ignore
they look with their eyes but don't see
your sore
feelings and psyche that cannot cope
you want to burst but instead quietly
lose hope
about life
about you and life
you begin wondering if you have anything left
in you
you stop caring, pretending, smiling
becomes too
much of an effort
you're not sure what to do
but you don't care; such a funny thing to say
other say it all the time, everyday
they lie
but you see through their act
loved ones see the change
they stay away
you are now alone
you know they may
never come back
to you
and you don't know if you can
keep up piling stack after stack
of anger that's lost somewhere inside
rising and threatening because it doesn't want
to hide
any longer
and you're losing it
it's all gone
anger interspersed with sorrow
with grief
you start questioning life

you and life
what did you have to live for?
numbness will overtake
so you will feel the same dead or alive?
why let your body live when your feeling are dead?
why live when death is no different from life?

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