February 9, 2010
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the day that our eyes first met lock
was the day my life ripped apart
your effortless grin become all i knew
plucked hard at the strings of my heart

your eyes were sweet as candy
i swooned compliments of my sweet tooth
but whats the use of shaken nerves
when your not even worth the truth

i knew that you were trouble
it was clear by your hungry smile
people told me you were time badly wasted
but i was too heavy in my denial

a heart composed and collected
was just too hard to maintain
because one clear and sunny day
just meant 30 days of rain

i knew this from experience
i'd fallen fast many times before
my loved ones backs began to ache
picking up broken me from the floor

i pick a single flower
try to outline my lifes plot
which road would i step my foot
should i love him, should i not?

i pull with confusion at each petal
tried to clear my brains pollution
with the last lonely petal staring me down
i got the eager and sure solution

i think of all the memories
and for once in my life absorb power,
i take a deep breath, find some peace
and drop the naked flower

i fix my gaze and walk away
my footsteps calm and brisk
i decided not to fall for you
cause it wasnt worth the risk

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