reality's nightmare

February 9, 2010
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your face appears, all else a blur
my cheeks flush cherry red
my mind at prime, i press rewind
as i replay the things you said

but this time there's a different spin
your words less harsh and jumbled
they are just what i want to hear
the wall between us crumbled

your hands graze the nape of my neck
your mouth opens to speak
you slowly utter those three little words
and ive never felt so weak

my knees respond like jello
my head is in the clouds
my response to this played a million times
but i just could not say it out loud

i'd waited months to hear your promise,
to hold you in my arms
to own your goofy, careless smile
be the victim to all of your charms

but everything begins to slip away
uncontrolled, my senses shut down
you start to look so far away
and my smile resembles a frown

your eyebrow arches in confusion
you are slowly fading to black
i beg my ears to hear you say
i really want you back

my eyes begin to flutter
they open up to my mistake
i look around and realize
that its time to be awake

happiness is shattered
our love ripped at the seams
my heart drowns dissapointment
when reality overtakes dreams

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sparkofheart said...
May 13, 2010 at 6:48 pm
wow so powerful :) great work!
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