The Three Words That Change Your Life

February 9, 2010
There are three words
Eight letters
That take five seconds to say
In those five seconds
With three words
And eight letters
You can turn night into day
You can take the pain
The anger
The sorrow away
You can give a gift
So honest so true
In three little words
I love you.

But there are three words
Eight little letters
That take five seconds to say
And with those five seconds
Three words
And eight tiny letters
You take feeling away
You give pain
You bring anger
You provide the sorrow and steal the day
A night so long will ensue
With three vile words
I hate you.

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Michaela S. said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 8:32 pm
Hey! I finally found you! I'm Michaela in your writing class. The poem seems really true. Sad but true.
I especially like how you added so much emotion to one sentence. Hope to read more of your work!
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