no place for hate

February 15, 2010
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Saying you hate someone,
Is like stabbing them in their heart.
Basically saying you don't care,
Is like tearing their insides apart.
You may not mean what you say,
But you cant take it back either way.

I know what I'm saying.
I've been held in the hands of hate.
The games the kids were playing,
I used to think was just my fate.
By letting their hate get to,
I was the only one that couldn't see.

Days and weeks went by,
As theit hate grew more terrifying.
All i could do at home was cry,
I hoped they all were lying.
Until the day i woke up and relized,
I wasn't the only one being despised.

From then on things got better,
things were moving ahead.
Thought this wouldn't happen ever,
But my life is filled with less dread.
They may have not meant to do what they did,
But it was a harsh reaction where i slid.

I slid down the slope of hate,
What the did will be in my memory forever.
I relised hate,is not my fate,
nor should it happen to anyone,ever.
Life should be much more drama free,
listen and take it from me.

What they did was hurtful and wrong.
Be the better person by getting along.
The fact that you try is meaningful!
Hate can create violence and depression.
be a kind person, leave a good impression.

Just one word can ruin a day,
or evens someone's week.
be careful choosing the words you say
Being nice doesn't make one weak.
only kind words should a person state.
So, please don't go towards the has of hate!

There is No Place for HATE!
Wipe it off your plate!
Live your life promoting peace.

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