together in silence

February 15, 2010
By awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.”

She will never know
What you do behind her back
I see it, while she’s blind
I try to tell her
She won’t listen
Even when she knows
The same thing happened not long ago
It happened to me
You sneak around without regret
Tell her you love her
Just like you did to me
To every other girl

You deceive her
You lie
One day she will open her eyes
I worry about what will happen
She’s devoted to you
You’re devoted to nothing
You hurt me once before
I won’t let you hurt her
I can’t let anybody else
Go through what I did
I can’t let you ruin another life
Tear up another soul

I watch as you sneak around with another
You look at me
Something in your eyes
But what I can not see
You get up and walk away
With out a word you go
A single tear falls down your face
For reasons unknown
Have you finally come to realize
The error of your ways

I get a call full of cries
You broke up with her
Finally it seems that
The guilt has invaded you soul
As I hang up
I tell her not fret
To be strong
As I tell her goodbye
I hear a knock
As I answer the door I see you
I see the look in your eyes
And for once
I feel sorry for you

We sit in silence
Silent tears falling down our faces
“I missed you”
“I screwed up”
I stay silent as
You try and try to reason
“I think I love you”
Im scared
I know you will hut me
But I also know what I feel
I look into your pleading eyes
And I cry
I run out of my house
Down to what used to be our place
I sit on the dewy grass
I weep for what used to be

People stare
I do not care
I taste my salty tears that cover my face
I remember this all to well
The day I caught you
I never got over it
Everyday I was forced to watch
Your fake love
Are you ever real?
Do you ever mean it?

You sit beside me once again
You hold me in your arms
You wipe my tears away
Then you do what I fear most
You kiss me
I feel the passion and
I wish for it to go away
You help me up
You walk me home
I want you to leave
But I want you to stay
I am conflicted
By fear and love
Another day starts
She knows
She calls me names
I ignore it
I sit under the tree
The one that was once ours
I watch the sun in the sky
The clouds moving fast
For some reason I smile
Through all the pain I’ve been through
My inner happiness shining
You sit once again beside me
The silence beautiful
“I love you”
And I know what I said is true
And I see the smile I missed so much
Form upon your face
Our hands reach for each other
Our grip a perfect fit

Together we watch the clouds go by
We watch the sky darken
You make promises
I pray that you will keep them
And I know you will
And I cry
But this time
I am not sad
I weep tears of joy
“I missed this”
And as we watch the sky turn purple
In utter silence
I know that this is real
This is right

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