the world as I see it

February 15, 2010
I watch, mystified
I see a world
My world
Everything is where I want it
You’re with me
We’re dancing
So happy, so perfect
But then I wake up
The happiness gone from my mind
The love erased

I sit up and see
The world
Everyone else’s
Nothing seems right
I watch from afar
You’re with her
It’s the same as every other day
I wish for the sun to go down
For night to fall
I close my eyes and hope
That my dreams will be
As perfect as the last

I finally fall asleep
I gaze at this world
Unsure of what it is
I stand alone
In an empty field
Gray skies overhead
Where am I?
I run aimlessly
Leaving my troubles behind
In the misty field
My mind is clear
I can finally think

What is the world I live in?
The world in my dreams?
Is anything real?
I ponder my existence
Is this murky field
What life really is?
Is this the real world?
Am I truly alone?
In this dark new world
I am free
But with freedom comes a price
No one is here but me
I have only the whispers of the wind

I sit here and ponder my life
Silent tears flow down my face
I stare ahead waiting
For what, I’m not sure of
I think of you, I think of us
I think of my friends
I think of the world
What really is life?
As I gaze into the unknown gray
I seek answers

I walk to the shore in
This unknown place
The cold water washing
Over the sandy beach
The waves crashing
On jagged rocks
I dive in
The cold clearing my mind
I push through the freezing water
Swimming onwards
The salt hurts my eyes
Clouding my vision

I sit watching the sky grow darker
The warm sand enveloping my fingers
The ghost of a smile upon my face
I watch the water glisten
I remember your eyes
I remember the beaches, the pools
I remember what my life used to be
I remember the dream world
I remember when things appeared to be real
They never were
I realize this place, this world
This is real
And then,
I wake up

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Sarah. said...
Mar. 15, 2010 at 7:44 pm
Thx...I cant currently login for some reason if your wondering why Im not posting this with my account
thedon12 said...
Mar. 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm
great poem, iloved it :)
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