thursdays are better than mondays.

February 14, 2010
By jbanks BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
jbanks BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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write drunk; edit sober

moments on these tightropes
are marked by ups and downs
hanging on a gamble
dying in this town
burning through the highs
and drowning in the lows
losing control and measure
in words i can’t compose
counting every heart beat
noting every miss
people that mattered most
well, we only reminisce
smiles for their security
smiles for their doubts
there are better roads to take
but i landed on this route
i could recommend a detour
for those leaning towards these words
to counteract my shortcomings
to take back everything you heard
offering up a line or two
for a deviation that never comes
we’ve fallen into step
and our feet have fallen numb
wishing for a brighter light
or something to atone
borrowing all our sanity
never paying off the loan
when steady times are hit or miss
stability is measured out in minutes
the manic happiness of today
never holds out to the finish
but the only thing that matters -
the only thing i know
is a six lettered boy
who takes away the low

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