February 14, 2010
I live on dreams
Like a plant lives off rain.
I escape from reality,
I feel no more pain.

I know that my head
Is stuck in the clouds,
But I’d rather be here
Than in with the crowds.

I see the true beauty
In a withering rose.
I live my own life,
But it’s not one I chose.

I wish I could be
As free as my dreams.
I wish I could run
Like the trickling streams.

I wish I could fly
Like the birds high above,
I wish I bring peace
Like the snow-white dove.

I wish I could shine
Like the stars in the sky,
I wish I could soar
Like the eagles up high.

I wish I could glow
Like a full moon at night.
I wish I could feel
Like a bird in flight.

I wish I could swim
Like a fish in the sea.
I wish I could show
The world the true me.

Believe what you want,
My heart can’t be cleaner.
You think I’m just crazy,
But I know I’m a dreamer.

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