February 14, 2010
By XdoomedtodreamX GOLD, Warwick, New York
XdoomedtodreamX GOLD, Warwick, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Live life like a musical: sing your heart out, do your own little dance, and ignore all of the laughter in the audience because they're all idiots who have no idea what's really going on anyway."

I live on dreams
Like a plant lives off rain.
I escape from reality,
I feel no more pain.

I know that my head
Is stuck in the clouds,
But I’d rather be here
Than in with the crowds.

I see the true beauty
In a withering rose.
I live my own life,
But it’s not one I chose.

I wish I could be
As free as my dreams.
I wish I could run
Like the trickling streams.

I wish I could fly
Like the birds high above,
I wish I bring peace
Like the snow-white dove.

I wish I could shine
Like the stars in the sky,
I wish I could soar
Like the eagles up high.

I wish I could glow
Like a full moon at night.
I wish I could feel
Like a bird in flight.

I wish I could swim
Like a fish in the sea.
I wish I could show
The world the true me.

Believe what you want,
My heart can’t be cleaner.
You think I’m just crazy,
But I know I’m a dreamer.

The author's comments:
I'm a dreamer. I'm usually out of touch with reality, so I tend to get sudden realizations about my life or the people around me. Yes, I can be oblivious, but that's because I'm usually in my own little world.

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