February 14, 2010
By awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.”

We would stay out all night,
Into the morning
That was before
She came into your life
You pushed me aside
You thought she was better, prettier, smarter
You ignored me
I became invisible

All of those long nights
They were everything to me
But to you
They were nothing
You thought we were friends
I thought we were more
All of those looks were never real
All of those smiles and winks
Meant nothing
But to me they meant everything

When I see you with her
I die inside
I sadden more and more
Day by day
What we had was never real
What you have now isn’t either
One day you will be gone
With out a worry you will fly away
Never knowing what I feel
Never realizing what could have been

There were days
Where I felt you knew
Where I thought you understood
Why we grew apart
There were days
Where I thought you finally saw
That you should have chosen me
I wished and wished
But my pleas were never answered

You’re oblivious
I understood that
You lead me on
You didn’t realize it
You never realized how much it hurt
The day you chose her over me
Now I lay here and cry
The tears come every day,
every minute of my life
They choose not to stop

The false hope that I had
Killed me on the inside
It destroyed my life
It tore apart my heart
You tore apart my heat
Forever I am stuck
With a feeling that wont go away
Forever I am stuck
With a broken heart
The sharpest pain in life
The strongest blow anybody
Could ever give

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