February 13, 2010
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You're such a complicated guy
And I'm just a simplistic girl
I wanted to be forever by your side
But we're from two completely different worlds.
I enjoy lovely poetic words
you chase after sports cars
I wanted to just fly way like a free bird
But you didn't want to travel that far.
I thought we were traveling in the same lane
But once again I was drenched in the lying rain.

For months I was crushed through and through
Because it was you and her not me and you
I kept thinking what we were all about
Now its gone cuz you through it all out
I have now learned not to fall too hard
Because it hurts too much seeing the formation of a scar.

I loved you more than any heart could ever hold
And your heart was once made of gold
What happened Cuz I dont know
One day you just said you had to go
I thought you meant moving...not leaveing my life all together
Because I thought you and I were meant to be forever.

But Not everything is ours too keep, No matter how hard we had to fight for it

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