February 13, 2010
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I know you think I dont always listen

But i listen when you give me something to listen to.
I know you think I dont do all the things you ask

But my mind is filled with high school drama and sometimes I forget
I know my education should come first and that my grades should be higher

But to me life is far more exciting
I know I should be home before 10 and shouldn't sleep my day away to party all night

But mom thats is just what teens do
I know you think you have to do everything for me and I appreciate it

But I need to learn resposibilty, Im just not a baby any more
I know you think Im a troublesome kid

But to learn I must first make my own mistakes

So mom I want you to review this image you have created of me
And remember that I am just an 18 year old teenage high school boy
I am NOT God, I am NOT perfect and I don't plan to be
Just remember I do care and I love all that you are
Growing up is just something I need to do
I will learn from my own life expirences
There is no need to worry (althought I know you will) because you have taught me well.

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