Farewell Chow Mein and Homemade Milkshakes

February 13, 2010
It didn’t hit me that you were gone,
Until the next day.
I woke up thinking to myself,
“Oh, what fun adventures we’ll have today!”
I ran into your room to say
“Baaaaby! Waaaakkkee upp!”
Imagine, if you can, my despair
When I saw, you were not there.
Farewell Chow Mein and Homemade Milkshakes at 3 am.

Sitting there, on the floor, I cried and cried,
Wishing at any minute,
You would fly through the door,
And scream out
I waited and waited and waited,
But you didn’t come.
Day turned to night.
And still, I sat there, hugging my knees tight
Rocking back and forth.
Farewell Chow Mein and Homemade Milkshakes at 3 am.

There was a time, in our lives, when we were like Bonnie and Clyde,
We were partners in crime-literally.
We always took each other’s side.
Had each other’s back,
For we had made a blood brothers pact,
While sittin’ on that hill, with plenty of time to kill
We promised each other forever,
We’d always be together.
Sealed with blood and love,
Sealed with Chow Mein and Homemade Milkshakes-at 3 am.

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