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February 13, 2010
Some girls wonder what’s in me
That makes me as strong as I can be

Others try to mimic my tall strides
Which turns heads on all sides

But they keep staring at their reflection
Layering mascara until perfection

For they see a face in the mirror
Nothing more, nothing less

Yet I see lines of wisdom
Eyes filled with love
Lips longing for a kiss
Skin as pure as a dove

They skim magazines made for a teen
Any celebrity gossip makes them keen

Yet I read books about the war
Crying for the man’s limb that tore

They’d just hope that the man
Would be attracted to their new tan

For they see a face in the mirror
Nothing more, nothing less

Yet I see eyebrows with a question
Eyelashes wet with tears
Ears alert for the answer
Hair frizzing at many fears

My body keeps on flowing
Helping others to continue rowing

They won’t fix a hole in the sail
For they might break a precious nail.

Yet I’ll steer the boat on the seas,
Spotting the lock and finding the keys

For they see a face in the mirror
Nothing more, nothing less

Yet I see a smile with laughter
A mind brimming with reason
A tongue ready for kind words
A nose sensing a new season

They mock how others dress
Causing a cruel social mess

But I accept and enjoy every kind
Learning from others that I find

For them there is only one look
The one in the fashion trend book

For they see a face in the mirror,
Nothing more, nothing less

Yet I see curves holding dignity
Cheeks burning red with shame
Dimples overflowing with compassion
Sideburns looking oh so lame

Let those girls live in their empty shells
Let them continue their show-and-tells

Because inside my shell, I unfurl
The beautiful creation of a pearl.

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Lalagirl said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 8:30 pm
Your words are true, as the pearl and its dull shell is representative of inner beauty. I love the way you keep refering back to the face of a person. great flow! :)
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