Not Like Them

February 13, 2010
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I'm not like them.
Your not like them.
We're not like them.

Who are they to say we must be condemned?
We're only destroyed because were not like them.
Always forced to jump in my cage, I cant find a home for this misplaced rage.
The innocence cries begs and pleads. Brainwashed minds and war, its the earths disease.
We're all just puppets on a string, but what can i do i cant dance i wont sing.
I guess its all monkey see monkey do. I wont give up, not until this life is through.
They'll stand and watch as we burn to the ground, our mouths sewn shut and we're all tied down.
There stabbing laughter is always new and fresh, when we're screaming out loud as pain drips from the flesh.
Help us all before we collapse. Please just get up, we can fight back!
Never again will i speak words that burn my lips. I've seen the worlds evils and escaped its grip.
They cant hide the truth from us much longer. There growing weaker while were getting stronger.
We love to love, they love to hate. Just take there power, control your fate.
We hold high the bright light of hope and force them to see. We wont let it go, not until we're free!

I'm not like them.
Your not like them.
We're not like them.

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