Christmas, O Christmas!

February 12, 2010
Christmas, O Christmas,
O where have you gone?
The people are leaving,
The curtains are drawn.
Christmas, O Christmas,
Where did you go wrong?
You people have fallen,
The fables are gone!
What happened to us?
Can you tell me?
What happened...
A long time ago -
Do we not remember the baby who started it all?
Why can we not believe?
We have our fables and poems -
It seems much has happened since then.
Do we realize Hope is all we need?
Yet here we are now,
Complaining of greed!
We should remember what most "Christians" believe...
I don't think it matters if you don't believe at all -
But surely it's not just about money or iPhones!
It should be about family,
The ones you really love;
Not holiday shopping -
(Oh! Must we push and shove???)

Christmas, O Christmas!
I should be the same..
I'm so sorry, O Christmas, I've brought you such shame!
So Christmas, or X-mas,
I guess it's all the same...
Just another holiday...
Gee, it's such a shame!!!

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