Deeper Than the Sky

February 6, 2010
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Wandering through golden fields,
Flitting through transparent light,
Blooms of brightest joy she yields,
Banishing the gloom of night.
Bouquet of happiness in hand, to chase away the night.

Throws a flower to a boy
Shadowed in a darkening cloud,
Then around him blossoms joy;
Overcomes the dismal shroud,
And she smiles to hear his voice: sings delight aloud.

Dancing freely on her way,
She gives her flowers of happiness,
And her own strife and dismay
Are driven back by her success.
The pleasure in her heart supplied by their faces gay.

Yet, who is this newest find?
His dark eyes darker still with pain,
She tries to look into his mind,
She tries to drive away the rain.
A bright flower lands at his feet, only to be slain.

She trembles in her sudden fright,
A panic seizes at her soul.
Joy could not defeat this night,
Blacker than the deepest hole.
She casts another and a third, anguish takes control.

Her saddened eyes now gaze below,
Upon her limp and empty arms.
Not one flower left to show,
Bereft of smiles and of charms.
A single tear joins his beneath; Ocean of life’s harms.

So now she looks for joy to live,
Yet always it hides from her eye.
She has no happiness to give,
None kept to warm and satisfy.
The world’s unhappiness now hers; Deeper than the sky.

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