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We are all born into this world as someone with a purpose.
Its written in our fingerprints.
We just can't read it yet.
Walking through life, we recognize our strengths, our passions.
And we pursue them.
But sometimes, what we think is right for us is very, very wrong.
How do we know which door will lead us to the version of us that we were born to be?
One word, seven letters, three syllables.
You carry it with you everywhere you go.
Its smarter than you think.
It knows your deepest desires.
It sees what you wish for when you close your eyes.
It knows what makes you happy, and what sets off a rush of adrenaline through your veins.
It knows who makes you smile, and who releases a fleet of butterflies in the pit of your stomach.
Its familiar with your stubborn ways, and forgives your faults- always leaving you room to grow.
But most importantly, it knows exactly what you need.
And what you need is trust.
It might lead you headfirst into a wall of hurt.
It may chase you into a box of Kleenex and a puddle of tears.
But after the sting a slammed door leaves, take a step back.
Destiny is CALLING you!
And see.
There's a bigger, brighter door up ahead.
It may not be the same color as the door you were knocking on.
But Destiny was kind,
And wrote your name on it.
Destiny knows who you are.
And sees potential in who you were born to become.

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Inkspired said...
Feb. 22, 2010 at 6:07 pm
this is really cute, but really powerful too! I love the line "it may chase you into a box of Kleenex and a puddle of tears". Well said!
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