Every Night and Day

February 8, 2010
By princessXcupcake SILVER, Brownsdale, Minnesota
princessXcupcake SILVER, Brownsdale, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
A kid in my grade told me this one day in gym..."okay Mr. My Pants Are Too Tight." One...too bad I'm not a Mr. and two, my pants are skinny jeans, of course they're tight! lmao

Work up to your potential
To get through life and on your way
Study and stress over homework
Every night and day

Love and laugh as though you care
Create art and have fun
Live lfe every night and day
As though you're the only one

Cherish the moments you have
Don't waste anything away
If you do and they disappear
You're going to regret it every
night and day

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