My Poppy

February 8, 2010
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Eyes filled with wisdom
Smile creases on his cheeks
I think of him
Whenever I see a bird chirp its beak

Still laughing all the time
At 80 years old
It’s like a chime
Or maybe something bold

He supports me through everything I try
I sometimes fall
I’m not going to lie.
But I know, all I have to do, is give him a call

A movies fan he is
He knows them all
He is a wiz
He has 4,000 upon his wall.

He is a mighty cook
He never brags
He doesn’t have to look at the ingredients in a book
None of his food makes me gag.

I sometimes get scared when I think about his age
What would I do without him there?
It would be like singing in front of a million people on stage.
Until then, I know he will always be there to care.

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